AI-Driven Insights Guide Smarter Actions

Same machines. Same operators. More productivity.

Capture Data

Step 1

Collect Real-Time Signals

Raven collects real time performance data from your operators, machines, and processes like uptime, downtime, production rate, yield, and much more.

  • Compatible with machine sensors, PLC, servers, MES, ERP, and OEE software
  • Collects downtime context from operators
  • Integrates with your current systems

Clean & Map

Step 2

Know the Facts

Raw data from many sources must be brought together on a single timeline, with a shared model that allows for AI and human insights. This essential step makes it possible for Raven’s core engine, data scientists, and your team to see your operations in new ways.

  • Assembles data from multiple streams
  • Collates time-based events
  • Align data fidelity across sources

Analyze Data

Step 3

Find Business Insights

Raven uses a combination of AI software, performance benchmarks, lean best practices, plus a Raven data scientist dedicated to your team, to draw insights from your data.

  • Automated data science
  • Variability and anomaly detection
  • Performance benchmarking

Guide Action

Step 4

Take the Right Action

Raven gets the right information to the right people at the right time to understand opportunities, and turn decisions into action. Raven delivers role-specific reporting, and displays actionable alerts on machine consoles, end of line monitors, mobile devices, and smart watches.

  • Insightful real-time alerts
  • Recommended actions or options
  • Alert effectiveness monitoring

Understand Improvement

Measure the Impact

Once you’ve taken action and made a change, it becomes just as important to measure the outcome of the change to know its impact. It may result in increased production or process savings, as you expected, or you may uncover unintended consequences from interrelated processes.

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