Raven for Healthcare

Better visibility. Efficient hospitals.

Raven helps front-line healthcare workers
have real-time visibility into the operating room

How Does Raven Help?

It’s easy! Follow these four powerful steps:

Collect Data

Raven AI uses tablets to capture what is happening in the operating room. By viewing this information in real-time on mobile devices and screens, staff can follow the hospital’s safety protocols to protect themselves against risk and improve operational efficiency.

Capture True Performance

Raven cleans and maps collected data to create a complete and accurate timeline of activities in operating rooms over time. This timeline highlights duration trends in patient flow and safety protocols.

Uncover New Insights

Daily, weekly, and monthly data help hospital teams understand their performance and develop strategies to improve. Combining AI with data scientists, Raven analyzes the data to find opportunities. 

Custom Raven Sight reporting can be used to track the impact of specific initiatives as well as integrate with existing reporting tools.


Guide Smarter Actions

Raven’s Intelligent Awareness Platform improves real-time situational awareness of the operating room. Healthcare workers can make data-informed decisions to improve responsiveness. 

Alerts linked to the biggest opportunities help deploy resources quickly to address inefficiencies.

    Better Healthcare Through Smarter Actions.

     Healthcare organizations use state-of-the-art technology to treat patients but access to timely and relevant workflow data remains a challenge. Healthcare workers in the operating room need to know their risk level at all times to be able to protect themselves by taking appropriate precautions. Raven’s Intelligent Awareness Platform guides smarter actions with complete and trustworthy data to drive efficient patient flow and support established hospital safety protocols – all in real-time.

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