Smart Manufacturing Made Easy.

Better Manufacturing Through Smarter Actions.

Raven’s Smart Manufacturing Platform™ is trusted by leading global manufacturers.

Raven uses technology and people to help you:

Know the Facts

Raven collects detailed real-time data from your existing machines and operators.

Find New Insights

Raven’s AI software and dedicated data scientists analyze your data to uncover hidden truths.

Take the Right Actions

Raven guides your decision making to realize greater operational productivity.

“With Raven AI, our operation increased up-time to 92 per cent from 78 – saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.”

Shannin Hudson, Plant Manager, Danaher

Learn from your data. Take control of your productivity.

Raven’s augmented management platform is the first to capture, clean, and analyze all production data, then guide actions to improve output in real time.

Start your smart manufacturing journey with Raven. 


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